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Web site development services

Skyloom Development Services specializes in development of wiki-based web sites to help your organization make the most of it's knowledge resources. Specific services include:
  • General consulting for choosing and deploying a wiki.
  • Installation, configuration, hosting, and development of wiki applications.
  • Help with setup and configuration.
  • Customizing wiki installation by designing themes or installing plugins.
  • Training — from basic Foswiki* use to advanced application design, and combining Foswiki with "knowledge management" processes.
  • Specialization is integrating Foswiki to reflect your group/organization's pre-exisiting processes & workflow using methods presented in Foswiki:Extensions.TopicClassificationAddOn and Wiki Facilitation thereby accelerating adoption and productive use of this powerful tool.

Foswiki is the new name for TWiki wiki platform following a split in the community. I fully support the Foswiki project since the majority of TWiki developers have migrated to this project, however, I will continue to support clients who have TWiki installations.

This site is powered by FoswikiCopyright © by the contributing authors. All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors.
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